The following quizzes are an extra resource to students of ARCG112. The quizzes are a great way to study, as they help reflect on the lectures, and test knowledge in a friendly environment with tips and explanations. The quizzes are organized by topic in the same manner as the lectures for easiness of use. The quizzes are not officially part of the course, nor mandatory.


  • The quizzes are work in progress. Check often to see added lectures and questions.
  • The quiz forms are not touch-screen responsive; use on laptop/desktop.

  • Quiz Lecture 1 - Introduction to Site Grading
  • Quiz Lecture 2 - Maps Vs Plans
  • Quiz Lecture 3 - The Fundamentals of Surveying
  • Quiz Lecture 4 - Introduction to Levelling
  • Quiz Lecture 9 - Introduction to Vegetation

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